Argyle Winery Blanc de Blancs Knudsen Vineyard 2009 0,75

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“Bright and refreshing, with lemon curd, pineapple and gentle spice flavors wound around a lively core of green apple and crème fraîche notes, persisting against refined acidity.

TASTING NOTES Balance can invariably be found in the sparkling winemaking process, even in the warmer growing seasons such as 2009. Being Pinot Noir dominate, Knudsen Vineyard Brut has always been on the lusher end of the sparkling spectrum. The trick is to find the mineral backbone to carry it. As such, we made a few adjustments in our winemaking and blending to find that balance in 2009. To start with, the percentage of Pinot Noir is down to 75% and the Chardonnay is up to 25% from our traditional 80/20 split. Though 5% may seem like a small number, it's amazing what a little extra chardonnay can do for the wine's edginess. We also adjusted our fermentation regime, as the cuvee was fermented in 50% neutral oak and 50% stainless steel. The stainless component retains a freshness and vivacity, while the neutral oak barrels allow for rich, creamy texture. Violaceous, candied ginger, Jamaican allspice, and plum. Paying tribute to John Coltrane, this all leads to "rising harmonies to a level of blissful stability...” Enjoy.

VINTAGE NOTES 2009 was all about farming to balance Mother Nature’s surprises. Argyle’s farming culture got the crop level right on. We stripped leaves after the burning sun of August and in time for the Labor Day rains. We also believed September’s drying East wind forecast and put a security of water onto the vines to help them ride out the drying, late season heat with a maximum of ripening—which is the name of the game here in the Willamette Valley. Picking was unusually “segmented” this year. Usually we can say that every 200’ rise in elevation can mean 10 days difference in ripening and thus picking. But, in 2009 Argyle picked high and low elevation fruit at the same time! We picked all the sparkling fruit, then rested for a couple of days, then all the Chardonnay for still wine, rested another few days, then all the red came in. The resulting wines are gorgeous, perky, and sexy. I don’t know that I have seen a more sensuous expression of flavour and aromas in Argyle’s 26 years of Willamette Valley winemaking.